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At The Law Offices of Martin Thomas PLLC, I provide focused legal services for businesses.

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Representation For Business Law, Litigation And Contract Matters In Houston

Running any business is complex. Satisfying customers, dealing with market changes and keeping an eye on competitors does not leave much spare time.

Legal issues can seem like time-consuming distractions or something you could do on your own, if you only had time.

At The Law Offices of Martin Thomas PLLC, I’m attorney Martin Thomas, and I recognize that impulse, but I also know that legal issues are always better addressed with knowledgeable guidance and counsel from an attorney.

The Counsel You Need In An Always Changing World

The law is complex and ever changing, and it is far too easy to make a mistake and create a more expensive problem to resolve. I provide the effective counsel you need to make confidant, informed decisions to protect your interests and ensure the success of your business.

I provide advice on a wide range of business law topics, from helping draft contracts and review nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to litigating disputes when necessary.

My goal as your businesses lawyer is to provide you with the information and legal services you need to keep out of a courtroom, but, when it is necessary to protect your interests, I’m prepared and ready to deliver the aggressive advocacy you need.

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