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Contracts Attorney In Houston, Texas

Building Businesses With Well-Crafted Contracts

Businesses depend on contracts to support both their daily operations and long-term growth. For many, experienced legal guidance allows their business to approach contract creation, negotiation, and litigation with greater confidence that these documents will support their company goals.

At Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC, I take a detail-oriented approach to contract law, employing both a keen eye for the precise wording of contracts and a dedication to supporting my clients’ business goals. This allows me to help Houston businesses create contracts that address issues before they occur and fight to resolve conflicts that do arise.

Support At Every Stage Of An Agreement

Often, businesses can protect their future growth by taking a proactive approach to their contracts. I support businesses with every aspect of contract law, including drafting contracts, negotiating the terms of a new contract, reviewing existing contracts, and reworking those contracts. I can assist you and your company with a wide variety of contracts, including:

  • Company bylaws, shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation and other contracts guiding the operations of a business
  • Employment contracts as well as supporting documents like nondisclosure and noncompete agreements
  • Purchase orders
  • Warranties
  • Lease agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements

An Attorney To Help Your Contract Needs

For skilled guidance at any stage of contract drafting, negotiation or disputes, contact my firm by email or by phone at 713-909-4879.