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Crafting Nondisclosure And Noncompete Agreements

Many businesses rely on the discretion of their employees to maintain the confidentiality of important information, and nondisclosure or noncompete agreements can help reinforce that discretion. These documents are often intricate and must be carefully crafted to ensure that they continue to protect your confidential information. Your business deserves to work with a skilled attorney when crafting, reviewing and enforcing these agreements.

At The Law Offices of Martin Thomas PLLC, I help Houston area businesses protect their investments through nondisclosure and noncompete agreements. I take a detail-oriented approach to drafting and reviewing these contracts and defend my clients’ interests in court when disputes occur.

Protecting Confidential Information

If your business relies on specific trade secrets, documents or other confidential information to maintain your place in the market or protect your customers, protecting that information is paramount. One way to shield this information is to create a nondisclosure agreement that limits employees, contractors, business partners and others from sharing that information.

Maintaining Your Competitive Edge

You rely on your employees to protect a variety of information that they work with every day, from connections with your customers to the methods used to create your products. When key employees leave their position, however, they could potentially take that knowledge – and your edge in the market – to your competitors. A noncompete agreement prevents your employees from working with a competitor in your geographic area for a specific period of time.

A Precise And Proactive Approach

From creation to enforcement, nondisclosure and noncompete agreements often depend on the context and wordings present in the document. These complex contracts require a keen eye for detail and the ability to craft precise language that avoids misunderstanding. I offer clients straightforward guidance on their agreements, ensure that they fully understand the document’s terms and help identify and resolve potential issues.

I also apply that exacting approach to resolving disputes. From reviewing the precise wording of a contract to fighting for my client’s business from unfair competition in court, I provide guidance when conflict arises over these intricate documents.

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