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Litigation Attorneys In Houston For All Construction-Related Disputes

The construction field is a segment of the economy full of profitmaking potential as well as complexity in execution. The Houston metro area and the surrounding regions have experienced building booms in recent years. When troubles arise, much is at risk.

If you are involved in a construction project that is currently threatened by litigation, you should do all that you can to resolve legal problems and move forward on schedule. A dedicated, detail-oriented and construction-savvy lawyer can help keep your building plans on track. At Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC, we help in the zealous representation of people engaged in construction disputes. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have a strong chance of recovering lost value.

Examples Of Legal Conflicts Involving Construction

The many moving parts of a construction project bring numerous key players together such as contractors, investors, suppliers, property owners, future commercial tenants and many others. When disputes arise, there is great potential for disruption. Conflicts such as those listed below can cause delays and even shut down construction projects altogether.

  • Bids and joint venture agreements
  • Contracts and breach of contract
  • Bonds, liens and payments
  • Construction defect and material failure claims
  • Change orders, delays and cost overruns
  • Allegations of fraud and deception
  • Job site injury claim
  • Supply contracts and subcontractor disputes

Do any of these topics ring a bell concerning the disagreements that you currently face over a construction project? Our construction litigation team can help you pursue the safest, most cost-effective resolution. The first step is a thorough review of the history of the conflict. Turn to Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC to find your way forward with the least harm done. If your case has escalated and may be heading for a trial, our diligent litigation team is ready to advocate aggressively for your interests.

Reach Out And Request A Strategy Building Session

Many lawyers say they value collaboration with clients and other lawyers, but this philosophy is transformed into action at Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC. Every solid attorney-client relationship at our firm starts with an in-depth initial discussion about needs, goals and expectations.

Whether you are seeking money, action or defense in a dispute, get the advice you need to preserve assets and move your dispute to the resolution you need. To schedule a consultation, call 713-909-4879 or send an email inquiry to request