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Pursuing Wins Through Real Estate Litigation

If you bought a house or commercial property and then discovered that the seller failed to disclose significant defects, you may have cause to bring legal action against that seller. Before you make demands on your own, our legal team recommends that you consult with a real estate lawyer.

An attorney with a talent for persuading legal opponents to do the right thing may convince the seller to buy back the property or make other concessions, such as giving you a large refund from the total purchase price. To achieve a positive outcome of this type, most people need an astute litigator on their side. At the Houston real estate law firm, Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC, we often achieve wins for our clients such as those described above.

Resolve Real Estate Disputes Through Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC

Examples of real estate-related conflicts that our litigators handle include the following:

  • Title defects
  • Quiet title actions
  • Breach of contract, such as a specific performance claim involving a pledged purchase, sale or lease of a property
  • Alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act and other Texas and federal statutes.
  • Easements and other boundary disputes
  • Adverse possession claims

In real estate litigation, as in other forms of civil litigation or noncombative real estate misunderstandings, we encourage our clients to gather and understand the facts but not to take a fighting stance for their own sake. We guide our clients toward resolutions that leave them significantly better off than at the beginning. This often happens through negotiations or mediation, but we are well prepared to take any case to court if necessary.

What Real Estate Challenges Are You Facing?

Work with a real estate lawyer who will treat you with all the respect you deserve. You will make your own decisions in your case and act accordingly with our lawyers’ help.

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