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Nondisclosure And Noncompete Agreements Attorney In Houston, Texas

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Call my business law firm today to receive skilled assistance in crafting or litigating noncompete and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). The laws governing these contracts are different in every state, and Texas law acknowledges employers’ rights to enforce these agreements. But, the law is complex and hardly ever straightforward. That’s where I come in. I want you to have the knowledge and resources you need to make confident decisions about the growth and protection of your business.

From my Houston-based law firm, I help business owners like you navigate the gray areas of noncompetes and NDAs so that you can effectively protect confidential information and maintain your competitive edge.

I believe educating my clients is just as important as representing them. I have a knack for translating legal jargon into accessible language, and I’m here to help you draft or review an enforceable agreement that suits your business objectives. From my Houston law office, I proudly represent businesses and their owners throughout Sugar Land, Richmond, Galveston, Conroe, Katy, and Brazoria County, Texas. Get in touch with me today to learn more about my legal services and how they can help you safeguard your business.

What Is A Nondisclosure Agreement?

As a business owner in the Greater Houston area, the state of Texas recognizes your right to enforce NDAs against your employees to protect confidential information. If your business depends on specific trade secrets, strategies or other confidential information to maintain your place in the market, shielding that information from competitors is paramount. You have the power to safeguard this key information by developing a nondisclosure agreement that limits employees, contractors, business partners and others from sharing information that’s vital to your company’s growth and success.

Likewise, if an employee or partner has breached an existing nondisclosure contract, I can help you seek justice and protect your bottom line. The Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act (TUTSA) provides coverage for employers who have had their trade secrets exposed. I’m well-versed in the ins and outs of TUTSA and will fiercely advocate on your behalf both inside and outside of court. Whether you want to proactively safeguard your information or you’re seeking representation for a non-disclosure violation, don’t hesitate to reach out to me today to get the process started.

What Is A Noncompete Agreement?

A noncompete agreement is a contract where your employee agrees to not work for a competitor after their employment period with you comes to an end. According to Chapter 15 of the Texas Business and Commerce Code, for the document to be considered valid, noncompetes must be reasonably limited by:

  • Time
  • Geographical area
  • Scope of activity to be restrained

In other words, these documents exist to restrict the ability of your employees to go into business against you within your region for a certain period of time.

From exchanges with your customers to marketing strategies and product design methods, you rely on your employees to protect the information that they work with every day. When key employees leave their positions, however, they could potentially transfer that knowledge – along with your edge in the market – to your competitors. The state of Texas acknowledges an employer’s right to enforce a noncompete against its employees, but the contract must be made in collateral to an existing agreement, which, in this case, is typically an employment contract.

If you want to prevent your current/former employees from engaging in any business of a similar nature – whether as an employee, independent contractor, owner, part owner, significant investor or any other forms of competition you identify – you can utilize a noncompete contract to outline these restrictions as they pertain to your industry and goals.

Non-compete agreements are tricky to navigate, so it’s crucial that you partner with a skilled business lawyer to assist you in eliminating loopholes and crafting an enforceable contract. Contact me today to book a free consultation.

I Employ A Precise And Proactive Approach

If you need help drafting an enforceable agreement, contact my Houston, Texas, firm. Or, if you are a party to a noncompete or nondisclosure agreement and are unsure about whether it’s enforceable, seek out my counsel today. Both these contract types require immense attention to detail and the ability to craft concise language that avoids any chance of misunderstanding. I intimately understand Texas business law and possess hands-on experience resolving business disputes — both in and out of the courtroom. Call my office to book a free appointment and receive personalized guidance from a passionate attorney

Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC

At Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC, I seek to apply my knowledge of nondisclosure and noncompete agreements to help businesses throughout Houston, Texas, protect confidential information. If you’re a small business owner seeking legal assistance, I’m here to provide my unwavering support. Enlist my skilled counsel today – call or message me to book a free consultation.