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Dedicated And Determined Entertainment Law Attorneys

At Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC, we have a mission and clientele that are right up our alley. We are passionate about digging into the details of contracts from a lawyer’s perspective. In short, we like to help people pursue their dreams with the law on their side.

When you see the phrase “entertainment law,” your mind may go immediately to artists whose names are regularly in headlines of major publications. But every year, new forms of entertainment and new artists emerge into public life. Even someone who regularly does one-act plays in small performance venues deserves to know how the law can protect their intellectual property (IP) and contract rights.

To learn what Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC may mean to you and your singing, songwriting or acting career, bring your concerns to our attention.

My Team Is Here For You And Your Entertainment Career

As a young or emerging artist, you may have natural impulses to share your gifts with people. At the same time, you need to watch out for your future as well as your current livelihood that is derived from your musical or other talents.

It is not only entertainers and managers with big names who need legal protections through contracts, copyrights and intellectual property tools. Young or emerging artists also need all the protection the law can offer as they build their reputations. You may be a singer, a performer of a musical instrument, an actor, a comedian or a puppet master. No matter what area of the entertainment world you belong to, you likely need an attorney’s help with one or more of the following:

  • Drafting, reviewing, negotiating and formalizing contracts
  • Obtaining music licenses for performing, recording or broadcasting
  • Negotiating and enforcing royalty agreements
  • Registering trademarks, copyrights and other forms of intellectual property protection
  • Verifying and registering performing names
  • Making deals for broadcasting, public appearance and commercial branding agreements

We also represent plaintiffs and defendants in alternative dispute resolution and litigation over breaches of contracts, IP infringement and unpaid royalties. We negotiate on behalf of entertainers and their managers regarding difficult situations such as canceled concerts, ticket sales glitches and employment contracts for support staff.

Find An Entertainment Law Attorney At Thomas Trial & Business Solutions, PLLC

For all your legal needs associated with your entertainment career and endeavors, let our team hear from you. We are ready to meet your contract, licensing and other needs. Our clients come from throughout southeast Texas and beyond.

To schedule a consultation, call 713-909-4879 or send an email inquiry.